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    MONSTERS Vs. ALIENS In UK Cinemas Today
    Posted at 5:46 pm | No Comments

    Monsters vs Aliens HD Logo

    Monsters vs Aliens released in UK today. Make sure to watch the film in full 3-D at selected cinemas. An interesting Animation World Network article entitled Dreamworks Goes on a 3-D Rampage details how Dreamworks achieved the 3-D effect in the film. Another article, this time on CGsociety entitled Making S-3D Gel also shows how 3-D was achieved and how the character B.O.B. was created. Watch the Monsters vs Aliens Trailer in full HD 1080p.
    Making of Headcases
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    Textured Model of a 3D Bruce Willis

    Making of Headcases on the ITV website.

    A behind the scenes look in to the development of Headcases from interviews with the writers, voice over artists and character designer Mark Reeve to an insight in to the modelling, animation and motion capture at Red Vision

    Maya Wireframe Sub-D view of Sylvester Stallone

    Interesting thread by modeler Jason Edwards on the Simply Maya Community Forum. Jasons CG Portfolio can be viewed here

    Andy Hickinbottom modeled the Victoria Beckham character. View his portfolio here

    Pixar Ratatouille: Linguini Podcast
    Posted at 7:04 pm | No Comments

    Linguini à la Carte Podcast

    Making Of Screenshot From The Podcast

     The latest Ratatouille podcast focuses on the main character Linguini. Includes a few behind the scenes insights.

    Pixar Podcast: Technical Ingredients
    Posted at 2:08 pm | No Comments

    Ratatouille Podcast: ‘The Technical Ingredients’

    Making Of Screenshot From The Podcast

    This Podcast episode takes a behind the scenes look at some of the technical innovation involved in making the film. Subjects include wet cloth dynamics, water movement and hair dynamics.

    Cars CG Society Article
    Posted at 4:15 pm | No Comments

    CG Society’s Road Trip Article

    Wireframe, Diffuse and Occlusion/Reflection Render Layers From Cars

    Click Here to view the CG Society article detailing Pixar’s Production Focus on Cars


      Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens Logo

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