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Top 10 Grossing Pixar Films
March 28, 2013
All figures according to boxofficemojo.com 2013
Rank Title Worldwide Gross UK Worldwide Gross US Production Budget Year Released
1 Toy Story 3 £700,880,727 $1,063,171,911 $200 million 2010
2 Finding Nemo £607,645,932 $921,743,261 $94 million 2003
3 Up £482,127,141 $731,342,744 $175 million 2009
4 The Incredibles £416,269,079 $631,442,092 $92 million 2004
5 Ratatouille £411,189,415 $623,722,818 $150 million 2007
6 Cars 2 £369,082,824 $559,852,396 $200 million 2011
7 Brave £352,951,505 $535,383,207 $185 million 2012
8 Monsters, inc. £370,850,830 $562,534,239 $115 million 2001
9 WALL-E £343,681,709 $521,311,860 $180 million 2008
10 Toy Story 2 £319,752,644 $485,015,179 $90 million 1999
Animation At The OSCARS 2009
February 23, 2009

WALL•E Wins Best Animated Feature


OCTAPODI Just Loses Out On An Oscar

  WALL•E deservedly received an Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film, but my favourites, Pixar’s Presto and Octapodi by students at Gobelins L’ecole de L’Image lose out in Best Short Film (Animated) category.
WALL.E Blu-ray UK Release
November 24, 2008

Dir: Andrew Stanton

Released today in the UK, WALL.E on Blu-ray which features some great extras, including Pixar’s latest great animated shorts Presto and BURN.E One of the most facinating extras on the disc is the part where the director, Andrew Stanton totally re-writes the ending (the switch between WALL.E and EVE) and due to his ‘gut feeling’ has the whole team doing their bit till all hours of the morning to get the film finished in time for the cinema release.
WALL.E Trailer – Pixar
July 19, 2008
WALL.E Released In Cinemas Today
July 18, 2008

Poster For Pixar’s Film WALL.E

Screenshot From For Pixar’s Short Film Presto

Pixar’s latest feature film WALL.E is released in cinemas today.

I was a little sceptical when the teaser trailer was first released, although as it turns out, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Oh except for Pixar’s first Nuke The Fridge moment. My jaw hit the floor as cheesy live action (yes, live action) was used to portray the utopian humans aboard the Axiom, very out of character for Pixar. The reasoning behind this is that Andrew Stanton wanted the humans to be in keeping with the Hello Dolly sequence.

As always, Pixar screened their latest animated short before the main film, entitled Presto which as it turns out, is one of the funniest shorts Pixar has created.

Interesting CG Society article on WALL.E entitled The Little Robot That Could covering Pixar’s CG character creation and modeling methods. There’s also an article covering Presto entitled Chaos Theory Behind Pixar’s Presto

Click Here to watch the WALL.E HD 1080p Quicktime Trailers.

The entire WALL.E script is available to download in .pdf format here
WALL-E Teaser Poster by Pixar
April 4, 2008
3D Animation Bookshelf
November 25, 2007

Added a 3D Animation Bookshelf section.

I have included ‘art of’ and ‘making of film’ books from major studios including Pixar, ILM and Dreamworks. I have also included 3D animation Blu-ray DVD’s.