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MEGAMIND Trailer 2 – DreamWorks
April 25, 2010
March 31, 2010

Dreamworks new animated feature film How To Train Your Dragon is out in UK cinemas today and will be available to watch in IMAX 3-D

Watch The How To Train Your Dragon Trailer in full Quicktime HD 1080

Should be a great one as it is currently getting some fantastic reviews.
IMDB currently 8.3/10! Rotten Tomatoes currently 97%!

Behind-the-scenes of How To Train Your Dragon on YouTube (above)

Animation Mentor graduate Mike Stern worked on the film.
You can Follow Him Here On Twitter

Wee Brian who was one of the three animators on Aardman’s The Deadline also worked as an Animator.

Interesting Production Videos collated on the CGsociety Forums.

Animation World Network interview with Directors Chris Sanders and Dean DeBlois, also includes interview with Head of Character Animation Simon Otto entitled DreamWorks Unleashes the Dragons

SHREK FOREVER AFTER Trailer – DreamWorks
March 23, 2010
January 12, 2010
TOY STORY 3 Trailer – Pixar
October 13, 2009
DISTRICT 9 HD Trailer – Neill Blomkamp
August 13, 2009

District 9 Trailer 2 directed by Neill Blomkamp

Visit Apple Quicktime site to watch the trailer in HD

District 9 is the feature film follow up to the award winning 2005 short documentry film entitled Alive In Joberg. The film is directed by former vfx artist and VFS graduate Neill Blomkamp and is produced by Peter Jackson. District 9 was developed after the collapse of the feature film version of the video game Halo which the duo were also collaborating on. The only footage released is a short cut of the Halo film.

Blomkamp also directed the Citroen Transformers ad in accossiation with his former fx company The Embassy in Vancouver, the human substitution shorts Tempbot and Tetra Vaal and the Yellow Adidas commercial which further developes his distinctive style.

District 9 is released in UK cinemas on 4th September 2009
CORALINE Trailer – Laika
May 11, 2009

CORALINE In Digital 3-D
May 11, 2009

Coraline Crawls Through a 3-D Depth Enhanced Tunnel to the Other World

Having purposely waited to see a 3-D feature, amongst the recent surge of films (started by Chicken Little in 2005) and since the announcement that Coraline would be made in 3-D, I can honestly say that it was worth the wait as I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

The technology behind 3-D, such as the development of digital projectors and filters etc has moved on, but the 3-D experience in the cinema hasn’t really changed a great deal since I first witnessed polarized 3-D (as opposed to red and blue anaglyph 3-D) 10 years ago in the IMAX film Encounter in the Third Dimension (3-D) Although it has taken a while to arrive in regular cinemas, major film companies have now started to embrace the technology, producing films with great stories as opposed to simply showing off new technology. This is maybe due to the fact that they have realised modern cinema audiences are getting used to computer animation and want something more.

Other Dad and His 3-D Enhanced Piano Hands

Coraline is shown in RealD which uses circular polarized light for better performance. The 3-D effect was not used as just a gimmick as I first feared, rather to create a more immersive experience, to enhance the immaculately detailed character design and sets which make up the entire world in which the quirky storyline is set. It seems to succeed the most when the effect is pushed ‘into’ the screen, past the original screen plane to create depth. This depth is mostly noticeable in scenes such as the purple tunnel to the other world and when scenes have a narrow depth of field, such as at the dinner table. Although it is present, there is not too much strobing and bluring when the effect is pushed ‘out’ of the screen.
“If I was ever lost about how much 3-D to use, I would just look to the story. Very much of what is coming off the screen – once you start to go there, it really makes it difficult to edit and it hurts your eyes if you don’t do it right. Where it served the story, to just have a couple of moments, like a needle in your eye, the trapeze, a few things…but mainly I used it to try and get people to come into the world with Coraline.” – Henry Selick
Coraline in 3-D: magic and artistry come to life (Cineplex article)

However much I love computer animation, Coraline in 3-D lends itself to stop-motion and wouldn’t have been half as immersive if it was created entirely in CG. I am in two minds though whether I would rather watch a feature film in pristine regular High Definition digital format or whether I should embrace the new 3-D technology wholeheartedly. The trailer to Pixar’s new film UP did look fantastic in 3-D.

Future 3-D technology where polarized glasses are not required, which the boffins are calling Auto-stereoscopy 3-D is currently in development for both the cinema and LCD/Plasma screens. I don’t know if the existing 3-D effect will be successfully transferred to regular living room HD plasma screens, what with the special projectors, lenses, filters and depolarization screens involved in the RealD cinema process. Maybe a cut down, less advanced technique will emerge as twice the amount of existing Blu-ray data has to be displayed.
April 3, 2009

Monsters vs Aliens HD Logo

Monsters vs Aliens released in UK today. Make sure to watch the film in full 3-D at selected cinemas. An interesting Animation World Network article entitled Dreamworks Goes on a 3-D Rampage details how Dreamworks achieved the 3-D effect in the film. Another article, this time on CGsociety entitled Making S-3D Gel also shows how 3-D was achieved and how the character B.O.B. was created. Watch the Monsters vs Aliens Trailer in full HD 1080p.
UP New Trailer 3 & New Posters – Pixar
March 9, 2009

Pixar’s UP Trailer 3 on YouTube.

Screenshot From Pixar’s New UP Trailer. Character Based on Kirk Douglas?

Quite a few items in this post as Pixar ramps up marketing for the film. The first half of the trailer features scenes that have been shown in the previous trailers although, in the second half we are treated to some new unseen footage. The above screenshot illustrates the excellent use of Subsurface Scattering on the characters skin. Watch the UP Trailer 3 HD

UP Posters of Carl Fredricksen, Russell and Dug the Dog

Also, new out are three high resolution posters to promote the film. One for the main character Carl Fredricksen, one for the boy explorer Russell (who I hope doesn’t become too annoying) and the other for Dug the talking dog. You’ll see how they got around the talking part in the trailer. UP is the first Pixar film to be released in Disney Digital 3-D and will be released in UK theatres on 16th October 2009.