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    Top 10 Grossing Pixar Films
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    All figures according to boxofficemojo.com 2013
    Rank Title Worldwide Gross UK Worldwide Gross US Production Budget Year Released
    1 Toy Story 3 £700,880,727 $1,063,171,911 $200 million 2010
    2 Finding Nemo £607,645,932 $921,743,261 $94 million 2003
    3 Up £482,127,141 $731,342,744 $175 million 2009
    4 The Incredibles £416,269,079 $631,442,092 $92 million 2004
    5 Ratatouille £411,189,415 $623,722,818 $150 million 2007
    6 Cars 2 £369,082,824 $559,852,396 $200 million 2011
    7 Brave £352,951,505 $535,383,207 $185 million 2012
    8 Monsters, inc. £370,850,830 $562,534,239 $115 million 2001
    9 WALL-E £343,681,709 $521,311,860 $180 million 2008
    10 Toy Story 2 £319,752,644 $485,015,179 $90 million 1999
    BAFTA Animated Feature Nominees 2010
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    BAFTA Animated Feature Nominees 2010

    *WINNER*: UP
    Studio: Pixar
    Voiced by: Edward Asner, Jordan Nagai & John Ratzenberger
    Directors: Pete Docter & Bob Peterson
    Length: 96 minutes

    Nominee: CORALINE
    Studio: Laika
    Voiced by: Dakota Fanning, Teri Hatcher & John Hodgman
    Director: Henry Selick
    Length: 100 minutes

    Nominee: FANTASTIC MR. FOX
    Studio: 3 Mills Studio
    Voiced by: George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Bill Murray
    Director: Wes Anderson
    Length: 87 minutes
    UP Blu-ray UK Release
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    Pixar’s latest film Up is released on Blu-ray today in the UK. I was looking forward to seeing this as I missed it at the cinema. Written and directed by Monsters Inc. director and veteran Toy Story animator Pete Docter Also includes Pixar’s latest animated short Partly Cloudy

    An interesting section in the making of documentary, describes how the story department fleshed out Carl and Ellie’s developing relationship. One idea shows them trading ‘punches’ throughout the years to gain one-upmanship over each other! The idea was unsurprisingly discarded as the ‘cross your heart’ concept was deemed more prominent. It just shows that Pixar develop their stories to the full, exploring every possible avenue, while going through many rewrites before deciding on the final draft.

    Pixar Short Film: PARTLY CLOUDY
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    Production Still From Pixar’s Short Film Partly Cloudy

    Where do delivery storks get their babies from? This question is the basis of Partly Cloudy, the new short animated film by Pixar. The story features a stork called Peck who handles various dangerous baby animals sculptured by Gus the insecure grey cloud. Keeping with tradition, the short will be shown in cinemas proir to UP.

    The CGsociety Article entitled Sky-High Talent introduces production artist Peter Sohn as a short film director at Pixar.

    UP Poster by Pixar
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    UP Teaser Poster by Pixar
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    UP New Trailer 3 & New Posters – Pixar
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    Pixar’s UP Trailer 3 on YouTube.

    Screenshot From Pixar’s New UP Trailer. Character Based on Kirk Douglas?

    Quite a few items in this post as Pixar ramps up marketing for the film. The first half of the trailer features scenes that have been shown in the previous trailers although, in the second half we are treated to some new unseen footage. The above screenshot illustrates the excellent use of Subsurface Scattering on the characters skin. Watch the UP Trailer 3 HD

    UP Posters of Carl Fredricksen, Russell and Dug the Dog

    Also, new out are three high resolution posters to promote the film. One for the main character Carl Fredricksen, one for the boy explorer Russell (who I hope doesn’t become too annoying) and the other for Dug the talking dog. You’ll see how they got around the talking part in the trailer. UP is the first Pixar film to be released in Disney Digital 3-D and will be released in UK theatres on 16th October 2009.
    UP Trailer 2 – Pixar
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    Screenshot From The Film UP

    From what I have seen, UP looks amazing, especially as is it Pixar’s first feature film to be shown in Disney Digital 3-D View the Quicktime Trailer 2 in HD 1080p.
    New Images of Pixar’s UP
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    New Logo from Pixar’s film UP

    Concept & Render Comparison

    Original Images here and here

    UP is directed by Monsters Inc. director Pete Docter
    The film is due for release on 17th July 2009 (UK) in Disney Digital 3-D

    3D Animation Bookshelf
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    Added a 3D Animation Bookshelf section.

    I have included ‘art of’ and ‘making of film’ books from major studios including Pixar, ILM and Dreamworks. I have also included 3D animation Blu-ray DVD’s.


      Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens Logo

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