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  • OSCARS Nominees 2017 – VISUAL EFFECTS

    OSCARS Nominees 2017 - VISUAL EFFECTS



    OSCARS Nominees 2016 – VISUAL EFFECTS

    OSCARS Nominees 2016 – VISUAL EFFECTS



  • Official HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA Zombie Animation Rig
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    Sony Pictures Animation has provided an actual maya character rig from Hotel Transylvania.

    THE BOXTROLLS Stop Motion By Laika Animation
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    The Boxtrolls by Laika

    Nike World Cup Football: The Last Game Animation
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    Nike World Cup Football: The Last Game

    Gareth Edwards To Direct Star Wars Spin-off
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    Gareth Edwards Star Wars Boba Fett

    Gareth Edwards director of Godzilla and Monsters is not only making Godzilla 2, but he has been hired to direct one of the multiple Star Wars character spin-off’s.

    The film is due to be released on 16th December 2016 between the release of Star Wars VII and VIII. It will concentrate on one of 3 rumoured characters including Boba Fett, Yoda and a young Han Solo. Let’s hope it’s Boba Fett!

    Elysium and District 9 director Neill Blomkamp would also be our choice for one of the other Star Wars spin-off’s, due to his strong visual style, with Terri Tatchell at the writing helm.
    Pixar’s RenderMan Software Is Now FREE!*
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    Pixar's RenderMan

    Pixar's RenderMan Screenshot

    RenderMan’s Interactive Rendering Window

    RenderMan/RIS – Interactive Subsurface Scattering

    Pixar’s announcement is set to shake up the rendering world with it’s free* (yes FREE!*) release of their award winning RenderMan software.
    RenderMan for Maya is due for release during Siggraph 2014 in Vancouver 10th – 14th August.
    Edit: early 2015 due to high demand.

    Register here for Free Non-Commercial RenderMan

    Pixar’s Tractor is RenderMan’s accompanying render farm management software.

    *Free for non-commercial use only
    THE DAM KEEPER by Pixar’s Dice Tsutsumi
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    The Dam Keeper

    The Dam Keeper – Trailer #1

    The Dam Keeper – Official Clip #1

    In total 75 talented filmmakers worked on The Dam Keeper. The film was Directed by Daisuke ‘Dice’ Tsutsumi the Lighting Art Director for Toy Story 3 and Monsters University and Robert Kondo Art Director for Ratatouille, Toy Story 3, and Monsters University. Supervising Animator Erick Oh lends his talent from Pixar Animation Studios where he currently works as an animator.

    The Dam Keeper – Early Looks Test

    Plot: “The story of The Dam Keeper tells the tale of a young pig encumbered with an important job, and the meeting of a new classmate who changes everything. Set in a desolate future, one small town’s survival is solely due to a large windmill dam that acts as a fan to keep out poisonous clouds. Despite bullying from classmates and an indifferent public, the dam’s operator, Pig, works tirelessly to keep the sails spinning in order to protect the town. When a new student, Fox, joins Pig’s class, everything begins to change.”

    Animation process in The Dam Keeper

    With a total running time of 18 minutes, the film is made up of over 8,000 paintings and blends traditional hand-drawn animation with lush brushstrokes to bring the directors’ celebrated painting-styles to life. The film was produced using Photoshop and TV Paint software.

    Box + The Dam Keeper

    BOX the Online cloud storage solution provided a way for the team to collaborate easily.
    FROZEN 3D Blu-ray Release by Disney
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    FROZEN 3D Blu-ray

    Directed by: Chris Buck & Jennifer Lee

    ANIMATION SHOWREEL by Gabriele Pennacchioli
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    Gabriele Pennacchioli recently contacted CG Animation Blog to help promote his animation skills developed at DreamWorks Animation in San Francisco. Here’s his 3D Animation Showreel in which he includes excellent examples of acting from Kung Fu Panda, How To Train Your Dragon and Flushed Away. He also includes strong examples of 2D animation from Sinbad.
    OSCARS Nominees 2014 SHORT FILM – Animated
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    Awards OSCARS 2014 SHORT FILM - Animated

    Directors: Laurent Witz & Alexandre Espigares

    Nominee: FERAL
    Directors: Daniel Sousa & Dan Golden

    Nominee: GET A HORSE!
    Directors: Lauren MacMullan & Dorothy McKim

    Nominee: POSSESSIONS
    Director: Shuhei Morita

    Nominee: ROOM ON THE BROOM
    Directors: Max Lang & Jan Lachauer
    GODZILLA 2014 Official Main Trailer HD 1080p
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      Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens Logo

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