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    The Art of DISTRICT 9 Concept Book
    Posted at 1:09 pm | No Comments

    The Art of District 9 by Daniel Falconer

    Dropship Concept CG Model Paintover

    MNU Vehicle Concept CG Model Paintover

    The book includes some excellent concept art by Greg Broadmore. View more District 9 concepts on Greg’s website
    Animating For DISTRICT 9 by Robert Kuczera
    Posted at 12:46 pm | No Comments

    Senior Animator Robert Kuczera has just sent me an e-mail asking if I would post a link to an interview with CG Heute entitled Robert Kuczera – Animieren Fur District 9 detailing the work he did on District 9 while at The Embassy in Vancouver. The interview was originally written in German so the Google translation is a little ropey in places although it is easy to follow.

    Robert’s extensive body of work, which can be seen on his website includes animation for adverts and films such as Comfort Creme and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban while working at various effects studios including The Mill and Framestore CFC. He is also known for his 9 minute short CGI film Dragon Slayer
    DISTRICT 9: Making Of
    Posted at 5:14 pm | No Comments

    Screenshot of the Exo-suit from District 9

    Visual effects were handled by the established Weta Digital (Lord of the Rings, King Kong) in New Zealand, The Embassy (Citroen Transformers, Ghostbusters) and new fx house Image Engine also based in Vancouver. Two interesting VFX World interviews with Blomkamp entitled Neill Blomkamp Talks District 9 & District 9: Bringing Back ’80s Sci-Fi. Visual FX supervisor Dan Kaufman profiled on CGsociety for his work on District 9.

    The Embassy District 9 CG Society article detailing CG techniques employed to create the alien’s Exo-suit using Luxology’s Modo The article also mentions that Zbrush, Softimage XSI and Apple Shake were used to complete shots.

    Two more interesting CGSociety interviews with Image Engine.
    District 9 Part 01 Meet the crew and find out how they worked.
    District 9 Part 02 Texturing and Lighting.


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