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    Top 10 Grossing Pixar Films
    Posted at 6:39 pm | No Comments
    All figures according to boxofficemojo.com 2013
    Rank Title Worldwide Gross UK Worldwide Gross US Production Budget Year Released
    1 Toy Story 3 £700,880,727 $1,063,171,911 $200 million 2010
    2 Finding Nemo £607,645,932 $921,743,261 $94 million 2003
    3 Up £482,127,141 $731,342,744 $175 million 2009
    4 The Incredibles £416,269,079 $631,442,092 $92 million 2004
    5 Ratatouille £411,189,415 $623,722,818 $150 million 2007
    6 Cars 2 £369,082,824 $559,852,396 $200 million 2011
    7 Brave £352,951,505 $535,383,207 $185 million 2012
    8 Monsters, inc. £370,850,830 $562,534,239 $115 million 2001
    9 WALL-E £343,681,709 $521,311,860 $180 million 2008
    10 Toy Story 2 £319,752,644 $485,015,179 $90 million 1999
    Ratatouille Filmworks Digital Cinema
    Posted at 10:49 pm | No Comments

    Official Ratatouille UK Film Poster

    After the long wait, well it was for us here in the UK, I finally got to see Pixar’s Ratatouille at The Filmworks Digital Cinema in Manchester. I think this is my favourite Pixar film, along with the original Toy Story.

    Pixar Ratatouille: Linguini Podcast
    Posted at 7:04 pm | No Comments

    Linguini à la Carte Podcast

    Making Of Screenshot From The Podcast

     The latest Ratatouille podcast focuses on the main character Linguini. Includes a few behind the scenes insights.

    Pixar Ratatouille PodCasts
    Posted at 4:36 pm | No Comments

    Ratatouille PodCast: ‘Patton on Remy’


    Ratatouille PodCast: ‘Cooking 101’


    Ratatouille PodCast: ‘Brad Bird The Big Cheese’

    Pixar Podcast: Technical Ingredients
    Posted at 2:08 pm | No Comments

    Ratatouille Podcast: ‘The Technical Ingredients’

    Making Of Screenshot From The Podcast

    This Podcast episode takes a behind the scenes look at some of the technical innovation involved in making the film. Subjects include wet cloth dynamics, water movement and hair dynamics.

    Pixar Ratatouille 9 Minute HD Preview
    Posted at 1:03 pm | No Comments

    Ratatouille 9 Minute Preview


    Screenshots From The Film

    Pixar has just released 9 minutes of footage from Ratatouille in High Definition. (Broken Link Sorry)
    Ratatouille looks set to be one of the best film Pixar has produced as they raise the bar once again.

    Everything about this film shouts quality, from the slick animation and beautiful style to the intriguing characters and storyline.

    RATATOUILLE Trailer – Pixar
    Posted at 2:43 pm | No Comments

    Marketing Poster For The Film

    Pixar’s new Ratatouille Quicktime HD Trailer in glorious 1080p format.

    RATATOUILLE Teaser Trailer
    Posted at 2:00 pm | No Comments

    Screenshot from Pixar’s film Ratatouille

    Ratatouille Teaser Trailer now available to download from the Apple Quicktime trailer site in excellent HD quality. Pixar’s latest film directed by Brad Bird. Release date Summer 2007.

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