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    Pixar Cars / One Man Band
    Posted at 11:02 pm | No Comments

    Poster For Pixar’s Animated Feature Cars

    Finally seen Pixar’s latest film Cars, directed by John Lassetter, in fantastic digital format at The Light Vue Cinema. After the initial disappointment of the first teaser trailer, I am pleased to say that Pixar have come up with the goods yet again. Oh, apart from the exception of Jeremy Clarkson as the voice of Lightning McQueen’s agent. I wish directors wouldn’t insist on using localised celebrity voice talent for each country. It instantly shatters the illusion. I’ll definitely be buying the original US version of the DVD. Look out for the hilarious tractor tipping scene and the equally superb end credits.

    Screenshot From The Short Film One Man Band

    As a bonus, the new short film One Man Band written and directed by Andrew Jimenez and Mark Andrews was also shown before the main film. The film has a beautiful European style, somewhat of a departure for Pixar and has a nice simple storyline with well developed characters.

    Cars CG Society Article
    Posted at 4:15 pm | No Comments

    CG Society’s Road Trip Article

    Wireframe, Diffuse and Occlusion/Reflection Render Layers From Cars

    Click Here to view the CG Society article detailing Pixar’s Production Focus on Cars

    Pixar Art of Cars
    Posted at 2:10 am | No Comments

    The Art of Cars
    by Michael Wallis

    Example Page From The Art of Cars

    Another excellent ‘art of’ book from Pixar. Included are many examples of pre-production sketches, maquette sculpts, animation thumbnails, digital paintings and digital renders amongst others. The book also includes fascinating development insights from some of the key artists and animators at Pixar.

    CARS Teaser Trailer – Pixar
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      Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens Logo

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