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December 14, 2014

Kevin Margo a VFX/CG supervisor at Blur Studio explains in a CGsociety Article how he takes realtime GPU rendering to the next level in his latest personal sci-fi short film project CONSTRUCT. He sets out to aim for the holy grail in the form of the new “MAGI” format, a 4K resolution, 3D stereo, 120 frames per second format developed by VFX pioneer Doug Trumbull.
CHEVY: ART CAR by Bot & Dolly
November 6, 2013

BOX by Bot & Dolly – Maya Controlled Robots
November 6, 2013

August 15, 2010

AT-AT Day Afternoon HD Short Film on Vimeo

Not entirely CG related but definitely worth a mention, the animated short film entitled AT-AT Day Afternoon by French Canadian animator and director Patrick Boivin who incidentally also created the CG short Iron Baby.

Making Of AT-AT Day Afternoon on Vimeo

The majority of the film is composited using elements from live action puppetry, where the wider shots are acheived through stop-motion.

The film looks to have been shot in full HD 1080p on a Digital SLR camera such as the Canon 5D MkII

IRON BABY by Patrick Boivin
August 15, 2010

Iron Baby Short Film on YouTube in HD

Loving the CG work (and the evil enemy bunnies!) on the excellent animated Iron Baby short by French Canadian animator and director Patrick Boivin The CG/FX was handled by Strob and his 3DS Max model of the Iron Baby is available to download from Turbosquid

DISTRICT 9 HD Trailer – Neill Blomkamp
August 13, 2009

District 9 Trailer 2 directed by Neill Blomkamp

Visit Apple Quicktime site to watch the trailer in HD

District 9 is the feature film follow up to the award winning 2005 short documentry film entitled Alive In Joberg. The film is directed by former vfx artist and VFS graduate Neill Blomkamp and is produced by Peter Jackson. District 9 was developed after the collapse of the feature film version of the video game Halo which the duo were also collaborating on. The only footage released is a short cut of the Halo film.

Blomkamp also directed the Citroen Transformers ad in accossiation with his former fx company The Embassy in Vancouver, the human substitution shorts Tempbot and Tetra Vaal and the Yellow Adidas commercial which further developes his distinctive style.

District 9 is released in UK cinemas on 4th September 2009