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Official HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA Zombie Animation Rig
October 10, 2014

Sony Pictures Animation has provided an actual maya character rig from Hotel Transylvania.

Rigging THE PIRATES! with Martin Orlowski
September 11, 2012

A really interesting interview over at Rigging Dojo with Martin Orlowski, Character TD on The Pirates! An Adventure with Scientists at Sony Pictures Animation.
Cars CG Society Article
June 15, 2006

CG Society’s Road Trip Article

Wireframe, Diffuse and Occlusion/Reflection Render Layers From Cars

Click Here to view the CG Society article detailing Pixar’s Production Focus on Cars

The Deadline CG Animation By Aardman
November 12, 2001

The Deadline CG Animation By Aardman

Excellent CG short film directed by Stefan Marjoram at Aardman Animation. The multi award winning short film preceded a series of episodes for Nicktoons.

The Deadline Making of Images In After Effects and Maya

‘Making of’ screenshots accompanied by the CG Society article Looming Deadlines