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No 89 In Top 100 Animation Sites
August 14, 2012

Made the ‘Top 100 Online Animation Sites of All Time’ in Animation Career Review coming in at No 89!
Animating For DISTRICT 9 by Robert Kuczera
March 9, 2010

Senior Animator Robert Kuczera has just sent me an e-mail asking if I would post a link to an interview with CG Heute entitled Robert Kuczera – Animieren Fur District 9 detailing the work he did on District 9 while at The Embassy in Vancouver. The interview was originally written in German so the Google translation is a little ropey in places although it is easy to follow.

Robert’s extensive body of work, which can be seen on his website includes animation for adverts and films such as Comfort Creme and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban while working at various effects studios including The Mill and Framestore CFC. He is also known for his 9 minute short CGI film Dragon Slayer
April 3, 2009

Monsters vs Aliens HD Logo

Monsters vs Aliens released in UK today. Make sure to watch the film in full 3-D at selected cinemas. An interesting Animation World Network article entitled Dreamworks Goes on a 3-D Rampage details how Dreamworks achieved the 3-D effect in the film. Another article, this time on CGsociety entitled Making S-3D Gel also shows how 3-D was achieved and how the character B.O.B. was created. Watch the Monsters vs Aliens Trailer in full HD 1080p.
Cars CG Society Article
June 15, 2006

CG Society’s Road Trip Article

Wireframe, Diffuse and Occlusion/Reflection Render Layers From Cars

Click Here to view the CG Society article detailing Pixar’s Production Focus on Cars