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FREE* Pixar Latest Update RenderMan 20
July 9, 2015
Pixar RenderMan Logo

Pixar RenderMan Denoiser

Visualizer Integrator
Pixar RenderMan Visualiser

Marschner Hair
Pixar RenderMan Hair

Physical Camera
Pixar RenderMan Camera

Pixar updates their FREE* RenderMan software to version 20.

New features include:
Denoiser for cleaning up noisy low sample renders, producing quicker render times. Originally developed at Disney.
Visualizer Integrator to visualise how Renderman sees the scene. Provides fast feedback for pre visualising depth of field and motion blur.
Marschner Hair Pixar’s in-house hair system. Produces Monsters Inc. quality fur.
Physical Camera to simulate imperfections of real world cameras such as distortion and chromatic aberration.

Download Renderman for Free Non-Commercial version of RenderMan

Pixar’s Tractor RenderMan’s accompanying render farm management software.

*FREE for non-commercial use only