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Coraline: Rapid Prototyping 3D Models
February 20, 2009

Mr Bobinsky Drops In On Coraline

Thousands of 3D ‘Printed’ Face Shapes Were Produced For Coraline

Head Awaiting The Interchangeable Face Shapes


Example of Rapid Prototyping On A Connex500 3D Printer by Objet.

Rig and Seam Removal and Compositing in Coraline

CG Society Article One Step at a Time for the Puppet of a Thousand Faces describes how a ‘new to stop-motion’ technique was used in conjunction with Maya within the production pipeline of Coraline to actually print out 3D computer models. The technique known as Rapid Prototyping with 3 Connex500 3D printers from Objet Geometries proved vital in creating characters, props and more importantly, the thousands of intricate models required for smooth face shape replacement. The article also has info on how CG was used for rig & seam removal.

Coraline is out now in the US and is due for release in UK cinemas on 8th May 2009 and stars the voice talent of Dakota Fanning, Teri Hatcher, John Hodgman, Ian McShane, Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders. It is the first stop-motion film to be released in 3-D